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"You" will make your life easier one day at a time.iLifeTouch

"You" is not just an alarm clock. It is meant to make your life easier one day at a time. "You" will help you wake up informed and in a good mood to start your new day. Everything you could hope for to make your day at home or at the office run smoother is at your finger tips. Don't be surprised if you constantly discover more features that have been built into this "loaded" app. The app has so many features that they all have to be discovered.

Alarm clock with multiple settings and functionality, time display, alarm notified day planner, event planner, special date reminder with display and search functions, feeds, up to date local weather. Features will be added as requests are received. This is your app. Please tell us immediately if you want new features or improvements.

This is your app. The iLifeTouch team is always ready to help you improve the functionality of this app. We are here to make your life easier with You.

iLifeTouch making apps that make your life easier one day at a time! TM

How to change weather?

When you select any city on your list simply place your city (local) first and it will display your local weather. We are making this clearer is the next update.

How to change feed?

News feeds we can't provide them because of copyright issues. we have provided the ability for you to add news feeds to this app so you have an alarm clock, news feeds and local weather. Everything is at your disposal it just needed to be explained better on our part.